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3 Steps to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Sanitized

How To Clean & Sanatize Capet | Homezee.com

Keeping your carpets clean and sanitized is essential to maintain a safe and healthy living space. Carpets can easily become a breeding ground for dust, dirt, bacteria, and other allergens, and if not properly cared for, they can cause discomfort and aggravate allergies. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

1. Clean Carpet

Cleaning your carpet with shampoo is a great way to get it looking like new again. Start by vacuuming the entire area of carpet, then use a carpet cleaner or detergent mixed with baking soda to get the dirt and grime out. Work the cleaner in small circles and let sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. After the cleaner has had time to work its magic, rinse off your carpet with warm water. Once you’ve finished rinsing, let the carpet dry completely before walking on it again. To finish up, vacuum your carpets one last time to remove any remaining dirt or debris. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your carpets looking like new.

2. Disinfect Carpet

To ensure your carpet is hygienic and safe for all in the home, it’s important to regularly disinfect carpet. Start by vacuuming the surface of the carpet thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Next, choose a suitable cleaner or disinfectant that is suitable for your type of carpet – some types of cleaning solutions may damage or discolor certain fabrics. Apply the cleaner or disinfectant according to instructions and allow time for it to work before wiping away with a damp cloth.

3. Sanitize Carpet

Once you have vacuumed the entire surface of the carpet, you can then use a carpet cleaner or other cleaning product to sanitize the carpet without using soap and water. For larger carpets or rugs that are too large to move or clean with a vacuum cleaner, you may want to consider using a steam cleaner or renting a professional-grade machine to clean the entire surface of your soft surface flooring.

No matter how you choose to clean your carpets, it is important to remember that regular vacuuming and deep cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product are both essential for keeping your carpets looking their best and free from germ and allergen build up. To connect with experienced carpet cleaners, submit your project through Homezze.

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