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In 2020, our homes became a centralized hub for family life, leisure, and employment like never before. This global shift in the importance of home moved us to reimagine how homeowners can better take care of and improve their most cherished asset. Homezze was created to bridge the gap between homeowners and Service Professionals to encourage better quality Work, risk-free transactions, and competitive prices.

At Homezze, we give you (the homeowner) the power to choose the right Service Professional for your project based on reviews, price, project history, qualifications, and more. Thanks to our unique bidding solution, local Service Professionals place bids for your project based on their availability and skill-level. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality services no matter the project. We know how hard it is to find reputable professionals online, believe us, we’ve been there. Which is why a new approach was needed. Homezze allows you to benefit from competitive bids between your local Service Professionals while giving you the freedom to find the best Work for your project.

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