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Homezze’s bidding platform takes the stress out of finding a contractor. The milestone driven payment solution really gives you peace of mind because everything is so organized. I wish homezze was available earlier.

Debby Straught


It is more than finding a service professional. It’s the complete end to end solution you need for your project.

How does it work?

See how easy it is to bring your project to life with Homezze

1 Create and post your project

You can add descriptions, images and everything a Service Professional will need to bid on your project

2 Start receiving bids from local Service Professionals

By submitting your project, all Service Professionals are notified to review and submit a bid to you.

3 Review and select your ideal bid

Evaluate and choose your Service Professional based on their statement of work, ratings, bid price, and interview.

4 Begin tracking the progress of your project

Once you select your Service Professional, start tracking your projects from start to finish via your personalized dashboard.

Discover why Homezze is becoming the most widely adopted home improvement platform.

  • Messaging & Video Consultation
  • Competitive Bids
  • Complete Payment Security
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Review & Approval of Work
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Complete Work Visibility
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Building bridges between Service Professional businesses, homeowners and retailers. Partnerships based on trust

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